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“Declutter Your Home Office Today With These 15 Expert Tips”


Over time, many people begin to accumulate more things than they get rid of – and this is especially true in a home office.  It’s easy for paperwork to pile up in your home office and begin to get out of hand. A cluttered and disorganized office doesn’t just make you feel distracted, but it can also increase stress levels and decrease productivity.

Decluttering and organizing your home office is not an easy task, and you may be a little intimidated at the thought of it. Redfin asked me, along with other experts from Philadelphia, PA to Sacramento, CA, to share our best tip on how to declutter and organize your home office so you can be more productive working from home. Check out what I had to say!

Declutter Your Home Office Today With These 15 Expert Tips




Each of my career choices-wedding coordinator, event planner, and teacher — gave me the creative freedom to organize everyone and everything. I have always thrived on to-do lists, planners, and systems! Now, I lead a team of organizers to help me on my mission. Read more…

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