Spring Cleaning Scavenger Hunt

Does anyone actually like Spring Cleaning? I think it’s safe to safe most of us love the result of an annual purge and scrub – the fresh start in a new season, gaining more space back in your home, and everything looking more tidy. BUT the process…? Eh…not always the most fun.

Let’s change that narrative again this year! Last year I introduced you to my Easter Bunny Bingo, a fun way to get kids involved in spring cleaning. This year, we’re back with a new game: the Spring Cleaning Scavenger Hunt. 

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to make purging an activity you actually look forward to. Lord knows I need SOMETHING to motivate me to clean!



MAKE IT FUN On the printable, you’ll find a list of unnecessary items that people tend to hold on to.

Gather the whole family (schedule this for a time when you know everyone will be home), and give everyone a different color marker or pen. Print out the list and put it in a central location (like on the kitchen counter). Set a timer for 20 minutes, and see how many items you can gather. 

When someone finds something, they will check it off the list in their color. At the end, have a prize waiting for the person who has collected the most items from the list. (If you don’t quite get to everything just add in a second round. It’s always nice to have the opportunity for more than one winner!) 

Click on the image above to download a PDF version of the list.


FOLLOW-UP Completing the ruthless edit is just step one. You have to make a plan for what to do with everything you collect, otherwise it will sit in your trunk for months! 

Don’t let this be you! ☺

When you put your scavenger hunt on your calendar, go ahead and block time that day or the next to deliver your donations or list items for sale. An idea: have everyone help load up the car, drop the items off, and go out for ice cream to celebrate the winners and all of your hard work!

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES If you and your kids feel motivated after purging, maybe take on a few organizational tasks. Spring is also a great time to start laying the foundation for chores you would like your kids to take over in the summer when they have the time to really learn and practice new things. 

My process for teaching kids new household responsibilities involves them watching first, while you explain what you’re doing. Next they do it with you, then they do it on their own and you supervise. They eventually move on to doing it alone with a quick check at the end, and then finally they take over full responsibility for the task. 


Teaching Kids Life Skills Young Girl Mopping


In the next few months, get those first steps out of the way. Identify which chores you would like them to start doing, and have them start observing you. For a full explanation of this process, see my Teaching Kids Life Skills blog. 

Not sure what age-appropriate chores your kiddos can do to help? Check out Spring Cleaning Chores for Kids, by Age by VeryWellFamily. 

I also have a blog dedicated to teaching your kids to do laundry! This is a game changer, so give it a shot this year.




If you’re looking to take on a larger organization project this spring and would like help from my team, please hop over to our contact page and fill out the form there. You’ll be able to schedule your free consultation so we can discuss your goals for your home and which systems would help your family best.

Happy Organizing!




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