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So much of what you see on our social media pages, like those amazing before and after shots, takes place on organization day. But behind the scenes, hours of work goes into each project before that day comes, most of it done by the Dynamic Duo of Lori and Crissy, also known as Team Support. 

Product sourcing, balancing budgets with customer needs, form and function, measurements (so many measurements!), inventory – these are all things going down in the Batcave (i.e. my garage) that are essential to keeping our day-to-day operations running smoothly. 

Lori and Crissy really are the ones keeping the organizers organized as they head out each day on jobs. Get to know them in a brief Q&A below, and see what they can do as we highlight some of their favorite projects. PLUS…we’ve got a surprise rolling out this fall: Design Services! Keep reading for all the details. 



Q&A with Lori & Crissy

What is the main function of SxS Team Support? 

Lori: To support our team with product needs and client preparation.

What is your favorite type of space to plan for?

Lori: I have to pick just one?!?!  Pretty playrooms, or pantries. 

Crissy: A playroom or kitchen.

In your opinion, which is the most versatile organization product?

Lori: Acrylic bin or a good ol’ shoe box.

Crissy: Budget friendly: Multipurpose Bins. In general, Clear Acrylic Bins. 

What’s one thing you wish our clients knew about our process before the organizing happens?

Lori: Being open to the edit/purge is a game changer.  It can be challenging to get rid of something you paid money for, thinking you may need it again in the future.  However, with too much stuff, chances are you won’t be able to see it, or remember you even have it.  Living with less means a home for everything and is such a gift to your home/family’s sense of calm and peace. 

The long term return on the investment is priceless.  You’ll notice the first time you unpack from a vacation, or ask your child to put “X, Y, Z” away.  Everyone knows where everything lives and immediately where to find it!

Crissy: It is a tricky balance with product. We want to provide our organizers with lots of options, but we need to be conscious of our clients’ budgets. 

How excited are you for the new design services we are offering? 

Lori:  I am thrilled! It’s such a natural extension to our services, and I love being able to see a project through to a space that is totally functional and beautiful!




Project Featurettes

For many of our clients, organization goes beyond function and is a natural extension of the interior design of their home. They want it to be equal parts functional and beautiful. Part of the consultation process is getting a feel for the home or business style, so that we can incorporate the appropriate pieces that will blend with the feel of the existing decor. 

Naturally over the years, the need for more significant choices to be made regarding design and function have allowed us to dip our toes into the world of design. Below is an example of a Laundry/Mudroom where Lori worked with the client to offer options that fit the playful modern feel of the space. It became clear during the early stages of planning that a formal mudroom was lacking in the space and would drastically change the function of the room.



Lori presented the client with hall tree/locker options at difference price points that would not only fit the space, but also function well for the family. 



Without needing a full-scale renovation, the room gained an enormous amount of storage space and a put-together look fitting of the style of the rest of the house.



Did you know that we also organize for businesses? When a new women’s collective opened in Annapolis, we were thrilled to organize a bathroom, kitchen, and storage room in the lofty office space. For the previously bare-bones bathroom, Lori put together a mood board that captured the airy, modern, and feminine feel of the rest of the building, while adding much-needed storage and functionality.




Sourcing products that fit the space (both physically and stylistically), function well as organizing vessels, and look great together truly is an art – one that our Team Support duo has mastered overs the years. In the pantry below, you can see a great example of their skills at work! 

Every detail, from the color scheme to the labels that tie it all together, supports the overall design of the room without sacrificing function. 



New Design Services

As you can see from the mood boards and transformations above, Team Support Manager Lori has a talent for design. As a military spouse, she has decorated many houses over the course of her family’s time on active duty, and we are taking advantage of her talents to offer a new Design Service.

In addition to traditional home and business organization sourcing, Lori will be available to help clients with furniture, layout, rugs, lighting, room decor and more. For those interested in broadening the scope of their project to include a full room re-design, design services will be billed at $150/hour.

Sometimes what you need is a fresh start from top to bottom! We are thrilled to now be able to offer even more to our amazing clients. Our first two design projects are already in the works! Be sure you are following us on Instagram, so you can see how they turn out! 




No matter the size of your organization or design project – large or small – you will work with Crissy and Lori at some point in the process, and I know you will love every minute of it. They have our product sourcing down to a science and are so good at what they do! 

If you are interested in learning more about our design services for your upcoming organization project, let us know when you fill out the form over on the contact page or during your free consultation. Lori, Crissy, and I – and the rest of Team SxS can’t wait to work with you!

Tell me…what other behind-the-scenes details are you dying to know? DM me on Instagram or reply to my latest newsletter to let me know! 

Happy Organizing!




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