Systems by Susie is a full-service organizing company located in Annapolis, Maryland and servicing Anne Arundel and Baltimore counties along with the Eastern Shore. Our team makes organization easy by taking care of everything for you. We sort, edit, organize, set up systems, plan, measure, purchase, return, label, and connect you with resources to sell and donate your items for all the spaces in your home or office. We’ll set you up with intuitive systems to help you maintain organization over time.

Professionally Organized Shelves


We help busy, overwhelmed individuals develop long-term, easy-to-maintain solutions to keep their spaces organized and stress-free. From whole homes to single space pantries, garages, or closets, our team tackles projects big and small. We take care of all the planning, sourcing and organizing for you. Prices include both services and products. Custom estimates provided after a complimentary consultation.
Single-Space Investment Starts at $1500

Whole Home Organization Starting at $15,000

Organizers with moving boxes


Moving? Avoid filling your new home with old, obsolete baggage. We will help you purge, prep, and pack! We are experts at unpacking and organizing your new home, implementing customized systems and order in every single room from Day 1. Let us deal with the hassle of moving so you can have a smooth transition to your new home. Take a look at our team in action here.
Moves & Unpacks Investment Starting at $1500

Renovated Kitchen


Renovations often take months longer than projected. In the meantime, the household and its occupants are turned completely upside down. Our team will pack away the non-essentials before renovations and reconfigure the space during renovations to allow daily routines to continue with calm and order. Susie and her team can also consult with clients, interior designers, and builders during the planning stages to ensure everything will have a home.
Consulting: $90/hr

Susie Salinas


Are you a Professional Organizer looking to grow and scale your team? Susie offers one-on-one coaching in addition to coordinating group masterminds. Fill out the Contact Page for individual coaching or click on the button below for more details about our mastermind groups.
One-on-One Coaching: $250/hr

Organized Laundry room


Whether you are super busy, have a hard time remembering to reset your space, or simply want to spend your time doing other things, we’re here for you when you need us. Members of the R&R program receive regular, quarterly visits from the team on an ongoing basis, with a discount on labor costs and fees. This program is designed with former clients in mind and is for previously organized spaces only. Learn more about the Refresh and Reset Program here.

our process


We’ll do a 20-minute virtual project consultation. You will brief us on your project, show us your space, and we will ask lots of questions about what is working and what isn’t. After the consultation, we’ll follow up with an estimate and we can schedule your first organization session.


We show up for your organization session ready to go! We always start by taking everything out of the space and grouping like things together. Sounds simple, but categorizing your items is a game changer.


Time to make decisions. We never make you get rid of anything, but we will ask you questions to help you determine what to keep and what to clear out and donate to a local charity.


This is the fun part! We will use what you have to contain the categories or will measure, plan, shop, and install any organization products needed for your space. We aim to create spaces that are both functional and stylish.


Labeling is essential for maintaining organization, not only for you, but your family and the helpers in your home. We also make beautiful custom vinyl and picture labels for kids.


Organization always requires some maintenance. Our team can return on a monthly or quarterly basis to refresh and reset the spaces in your home and tweak systems when necessary. Check out our Membership Page.




Schedule a 20 minute virtual consultation.

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