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5-MILE FAMOUS – LIVE EVENT JUNE 10TH AT 2 PM ET –  Is social media a good way to market your business or are there other options? Join us for a discussion with Allison Flinn of Reclaim Professional organizing and Kate Greunke of The Socialite Agency to explore this question. Allison will discuss how to run a successful social media account to promote your business when you have a team and aren’t always on the job. Kate will discuss alternatives to social media, like targeted efforts on Google My Business, through email marketing and referrals. What is your current marketing strategy? Is it working for you? See all of the options that are out there and which one(s) might work best for your growing business!

The workshop will be recorded and a replay will be sent shortly after the live event to all ticket holders.


Have you ever teetered on the edge of burnout? I know the feeling all too well, especially after the tumultuous year of Covid. I launched Systems by Susie in 2014, but it was in 2020 that we really hit our stride, growing from a team of 5 to 15 members in just a year. I was exhausted and overwhelmed from wearing all the business hats from inquiries to invoicing. Although I started this business out of a love for helping people and organizing homes, I now had to figure out how to operate a sustainable business so that I didn’t burn out.

I needed efficient systems for my business so that I wasn’t the only one doing everything. It required standardizing the way we did things, a whole host of new tech tools, and hiring the right people for the right roles. I had to let go in order to grow. It didn’t happen overnight, but once these systems were in place, my business ran smoothly and independently of me because we had clear systems and clear roles. When I reflect back on this growth stage of my business, I realize that it didn’t need to be so hard. If I had other pro organizers to learn from and share resources with, it would have been an entirely different experience. That’s why I created the Pro Organizers’ Speaker Series – to feature experts who can help guide the way so you can focus on what you love most: organizing.

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Each workshop will be recorded and a replay will be sent shortly after the live event to all ticket holders.

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THREE APPROACHES TO INVENTORY MANAGEMENT – Get the full picture of options when it comes to inventory management in this speaker series. Susie Salinas, owner of Systems by Susie, keeps a partial stock of basics in a home garage and orders specialty items by the job. Liz Wann of Coastal Organizing Company keeps a warehouse full of inventory and also has company vans. Maria Baer of The Baer Minimalist keeps no stock at all! Join us for a conversation on the pros and cons of each approach, so you can decide which is best for you and your business.

KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS: RUN A PROFITABLE PRO ORGANIZING BUSINESS – In this speaker series, our guest experts share two different perspectives on how to know if you’re making money (and how much!) in your business. Melissa Leon of Two Sense Consulting discusses hiring an experienced bookkeeper and fractional CFO.
If your business is smaller, you’re going to love hearing how Lisa Smith of Simplified Studios does her own bookkeeping and figures out her profit per job with her own spreadsheet!

END OF YEAR REVIEW: LOOKING BACK TO PLAN AHEAD – Kat Schmoyer, of the KS Agency, is a busy entrepreneur who specializes in integration – helping business owners like you create routines and plans for daily life AND the big dreams you have. Scaling and optimizing, product launches and funnel strategies are all in her wheelhouse. Kat walks us through a look back at 2023, measuring your successes against the pillars of your business. With that information at hand, you can plan for 2024 so you can grow your business and increase your revenue.

HOW TO BUILD A TEAM THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU, RIGHT NOW – Jen Robin of Life in Jeneral generously shares her heart and expertise about growing a team of 30 and starting multiple companies. She knows the pros of cons of having a large team versus a small one. She’ll challenge you to think about big picture questions as well as these topics:
Hiring, Training, Policies, Employee Manuals, Team Culture, Employees vs. Contractors, Pros and Cons of Having a Team, Pay Rates & Reviews, and Design Fee for Sourcing Products

REFINING THE CLIENT WORKFLOW – This masterclass is all about how to process clients through a workflow that will make sure no one falls through the cracks! From a lead to the invoice – Katrina and Victoria will share their preferred CRM platforms and how they use them to maximize jobs and profits. Use their expertise to develop your own systems for onboarding, operations, and off-boarding clients. Learn how to automate sending proposals, signing contracts, scheduling appointments, reminders, forms (consultation, follow up, punch lists), and more. 

MANAGING PRODUCTS – Meet two of my original Mastermind Group members! I know first hand what a wealth of information they have to share from their experiences building super successful organizing companies! Tracy will share which products to bring to a job – how much is enough? – as well as her tips for sourcing just the right containment for each job. Jen has a super organized warehouse and kit system that she will share. You won’t want to miss her tips for managing products and tracking what gets sent to each job and what comes back.

TWO APPROACHES TO ESTIMATING – In this Speaker Series, we’re diving deep into project estimates. One of the first questions in every consult is, “How much is this going to cost me?” How do you offer your client an accurate estimate? Should you price by the hour or offer packages? Enter Danielle and Holly, here to answer all of your burning questions and share their own experience with expert estimating! Danielle uses a question-based calculator that gives a ball park range to clients. Holly believes in package pricing to do her estimates. This is a great opportunity to learn about both practices and see which one will work best for your business!

BRAND PARTNERSHIPS – LIVE EVENT MAY 13TH AT 2 PM EDT – Meet Brandie and Ryan of Home + Sort, the masterminds behind the HT:Summit, stars of their own TV show, and all-around inspirational businesswomen! They’re joining the Speaker Series this month to talk about their super successful mDesign and Erin Condren brand partnerships. Is this a goal you have for your business in the short or long term? There’s so much that goes into it, and this is a great opportunity to learn from their experiences. We’ll also hear from them about their approaches to marketing, product development, building a brand, how to get press, and how to work with influencers. Join us!


Susie started Systems by Susie, her Professional Organizing business, in 2014 in Annapolis, Maryland. She now leads a team of 17 amazing women who allow her to help more clients and work fewer hours. She’s all about SYSTEMS, both in client’s homes and in her business. She has worked hard over the years to build a sustainable and successful organization business that relies on efficient systems and the hard work of her dedicated team members. She loves nothing more than connecting business owners to resources that help them grow and achieve their version of success.

I watched the speaker session and found it very helpful. I especially liked that there was ample time for Q&A’s. The speakers provided useful insights that were specific to running an organizing business. I’ll sign up for future sessions!



Hi Susie! Just a note to tell you how much I loved the last speaker series. Having three different organizers share three different ways of handling the same thing was fabulous! Each strategy helped me tweak and improve my own process. Can’t wait for the next one!




The cost to join us for one speaker series is $37. If you buy a 3-pack, the price is $90.

Sessions will be recorded and sent out within a few days of the event. We also hope to have previous speaker sessions available for purchase soon!

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“The mastermind group that Susie formed for our group has been AMAZING!

Getting insights from other likeminded organizers has given me the push I’ve needed  to take my business to the next level. I loved their enthusiasm and encouragement when I started selling a product. I love that we reach out to each other when things go wrong with a client or employee. It’s a place I can go and always feel better knowing that I’m not alone, and able to get the advice I need. We have also had some amazing speakers that have been life changing for my business. I can’t recommend Systems by Susie’s mastermind group enough!”