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Systems by Susie is always up for a challenge. So when we were asked to organize an RV this past fall, team member Katie jumped at the chance! She takes annual trips in an RV and loves the RV life. Her creativity and attention to detail made her the perfect organizer for the job!

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Organizing an RV has unique challenges. Space is very limited, and what space you have is often in motion as you drive. There are more people in a small space than usual, and you also need space for items for outdoor activities. Here are our tips for organization an RV or small space in your home.


The most important tip we have for an RV is to use containers and products to give everything a home and keep everything in its spot. Measure, measure, measure, and then utilize that little bit of space by buying products that fit the space well. If your shelves are 12″ deep, look for bins that are as close to 12″ deep as possible.

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Clear bins help you see what’s in the bin. But even with clear bins, labels are a MUST so that it’s not just you who knows where things go. Labels are the key to maintaining organization over time.

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Remember that things are always shifting and moving in an RV! We used putty and command hooks to hold things down that couldn’t be stowed away. (Look for how we used both of those products in this RV’s bathroom in the video below.)

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When you’re RVing, you use and do things in a different way than at home. Think about how you use things when you’re RVing. For example, this family doesn’t allow shoes in the RV. So we added a large outdoor rug to use beneath the stairs at the RV sites, along with a slotted laundry basket for shoes. The large rug allows the campers to take off their shoes before going into the RV, cutting down on dirt on the RV floor.

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For this RV, we also created a little cabinet right inside the door as another place to store a pair of shoes for quick grab. (You don’t want to have to open a bay to get shoes to pump gas – you need a quick grab!) We used tension rods in that cabinet to be able to store two layers of shoes.

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Keep other items you need to grab quickly as you’re heading out near the door. We put masks and hand sanitizer here, as well as sunscreen, bug spray, flashlights, etc., in the cabinet above the stairs.

storage ideas above doors


You know those nights where you roll into camp late and tired? We created a grill plastic bin to be kept in the outside bays along the RV so you can quickly get dinner on. We put all the grill tools, fire starters, and a caddy for serving utensils in the bin for easy access.

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For more tips and tricks, and to see all of the above in action, check out our RV organization video!

Here are a few more tips from Katie:

  • Use fridge bins that fit your house fridge and RV fridge so you can transfer easily.
  • Use collapsible food storage containers to save space in the kitchen. (You can also find collapsible dish drying racks and colanders.)
  • Get a good extension cord organizer.
  • If you have small locks to store or the kiddos are turning on the stove, get a small magnetic basket to attach to the fridge. Store the knobs and locks in there to keep them safe.
  • Use command hooks in the bathroom for hanging wet towels and swimsuits.
  • Cut up cheap carpets to line the inside upper cabinets. They will provide friction, helping the bins to slide around less. Do this in cabinets where you need to be able to remove the bins and can’t stick them down with putty.
  • Kitchen liner is your friend! It will keep things from sliding all around while you drive. You can cut it to size to fit drawers.
  • Consider an outdoor rug to make a safe playing area for the kids. Try to keep it simple so it’s easy to find their toys on the mat.

If you are interested in hiring our team to help you get your RV organized, you can read about the process and our services here. We’ve also compiled a list of products you might find useful for RV organization in our Amazon Storefront.

Happy Organizing!




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