Seasonal Closet Changeover

Warm weather is here! As we transition out of that time of year where you need a coat in the morning and shorts in the afternoon into more steady temperatures, it’s a great time to complete a seasonal closet changeover in your entryway, kids’ rooms, and in your own closet. Below are three tips for each space to make this a quick and easy job!





One. Here is your reminder to pack up the winter gear. Give each person in the family a labeled bin, and put away snow pants, boots, heavy coats, and all winter accessories. Remember to check the car, bedroom closets, and the garage for these items, too! Be sure to move items that likely won’t fit kids next year to your donation bin or to more permanent storage if you want to pass it down later on. 

Two. Set up a sunscreen/bug spray station. Keeping these items by the door reminds you to grab them or put them on, on your way out! Be sure to check your stock for anything expired, and keep these items in a higher spot so younger kids can’t help themselves. (Pro tip: while you’re building a bin for these items near your door, make one for the car, too!

Three. With spring and summer come showers and thunderstorms! Have a boot tray near the door for rainboots to dry without damaging your floors. And be sure that the raincoats & umbrellas are in the entry closet or mudroom cubbies. Other accessories to round up and find a home for: hats, sunglasses, and regularly used sports equipment. No more searching the house while you’re trying to get everyone in the car! 




Kids’ Closets

One. Two bins I always recommend keeping in kids’ closets are labeled “too big” and “too small.” When the seasons shift it’s time to go through each of these bins and swap out as necessary. Put the too small clothes in long-term hand-me-down storage. While you’re there, grab the next size up and move it into the “too big” bin. Your “too small” clothes bin should be empty at the end of this process, so you can add to it over the course of the season. 

Two. Seasonal bins are also helpful. Consider adding a bin for swimming and other outdoor summer activities, like sports uniforms. For younger kids, a “play clothes” bin can save so much time. In this bin, put clothes that they wear when playing outside at home – things that are ok to get dirty. Anything that fits this category can go here (shorts, tops, shoes) and since matching doesn’t matter, kids can dress themselves from it on days they’ll be staying home.

Three. Summer is a great time to work with kids on learning new chores. Laundry training can start in their closet. Keep a hamper inside (or nearby) and teach them to put their clothes in it each day. On laundry day they can work on bringing their full hamper to the laundry room. (I’ll have a whole blog post on chore systems out soon, but this is a great place and time to start!) 




Your Closet

One. Save time getting ready each morning by moving your spring/summer season clothes front and center in your closet. If you have space, move winter clothing to the back; otherwise, pull them out of your closet altogether and store them under your bed or in a bin in the basement/attic. (Don’t forget to label!) Before you put them away, be sure to go through them to see what no longer fits your body or your style; donate or put in a storage area.

Two. For the remaining seasonally appropriate clothes, switch all of the hangers around backward. Then after you wear something over the next few months, switch the hanger around the right way. This way you can easily see what you’ve worn and what you haven’t when the weather starts to turn again. It makes purging your closet a breeze next time you tackle a seasonal changeover!

Three. Don’t forget about your shoes! Now is the time to move your boots to a higher shelf, and your flip flops and sandals to an easy-to-grab location. Pick a few of your favorites to move down to the entryway if you store shoes there, too. 




Where to Donate or Consign Locally

If you are local to Annapolis, there are several options for donating clothing. 

You can recycle both usable and worn out clothing/textiles through the county. Read up on the rules here

You can also donate gently used clothing to:

We are lucky to have some fantastic consignment shops in the area. For nicer items you would like to sell, try the following:



As we move into summer, life can get busy. It’s ok to ask for help when you need it.  Reach out for a free consult to get started on a plan for your closets that will help make life more functional, beautiful, and organized! You will ultimately save time and (most importantly!) peace of mind once you get these systems in place in your home  — and I want that for you!

If you find that your closet system just isn’t working anymore, you can also head to the new Container Store opening at Westfield Annapolis Mall on May 22nd! Their Elfa closet systems are an investment worth making! As the official In-Home Organizer for the store, I can help you design the perfect system for your space and help you organize it after installation. Ask about us in the store when you visit! 

Happy Organizing,


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Each of my career choices-wedding coordinator, event planner, and teacher — gave me the creative freedom to organize everyone and everything. I have always thrived on to-do lists, planners, and systems! Now, I lead a team of organizers to help me on my mission. Read more…

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