Free Christmas Storage Labels

I’m sure most of you are putting away your holiday decorations right about now. Rather than quickly shoving them back into bins, take a little more time this year and be mindful as you are putting them away.

Here are a few tips:


If you didn’t use decor items this year, then get rid of them! Be ruthless. There is a reason you didn’t put them out. And if you don’t use them, lose them. You can schedule an online donation HERE.


Reconsider how you have things stored. Here are a few options:

Store by Room- Pack up everything in each room and label it (Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Playroom, etc.). It will make decorating each room easier when it’s all together in one bin. This method is good if you have a large house and lots of decorations.

Store by Space- Pack bins according to each space. For example, put in one bin everything that you use to decorate your mantles, bathrooms, Christmas Tree, etc. This approach is helpful if you tend to decorate the same spots in the same way each year.

Store by Item- Put all your garlands in one bin, all your lights in another, etc. This is a good approach if you change up your decorations from year to year and want everything grouped together in one place.


Regardless of your approach, be sure to LABEL everything clearly. Your future self will thank you. To help with this, I’ve made some free Christmas Storage Labels that you can download and use.

Download Christmas Storage Labels HERE 

Print them out and write the contents of each bin with a Sharpie. They are designed to print on Avery Labels #5164, but you can just as easily print them out on regular copy paper and use the cut lines I’ve included. Adhere them to your bins with clear packing tape, put them in clear adhesive pockets, or laminate them and use glue dots.

 Don’t overcomplicate this. Done is better than perfect (a mantra I’m constantly repeating to myself!). Good luck!

 Happy Organizing!




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