The Best Way to Display Kids’ Artwork

What to do with all the cute papers coming home each day?

I want to share my top tips for how to display your child’s artwork.

First, let’s talk about which papers you should display and what to do with each type.

Category 1: The very BEST artwork and papers

Otherwise known as the “Keepers.” These are the A+ of your child’s school work. Usually these kinds of papers:

  • Captures your child’s personality

  • Humorous

  • Shows your child’s best work

  • Has a photo of your child on them or their handprint

  • Are the “First” of something that have drawn or written

  • Special certificates or awards

These can be displayed for awhile and then should find their way to a more permanent home for safekeeping in a School Memory Box.  (To learn more about my School Memory Boxes click HERE.)

Category 2: Just OK Drawings

These would be the B and C grade papers.

  • They are pretty good drawings, but aren’t your child’s BEST work

  • Art that your child just isn’t ready to get rid of yet

  • Seasonal art or crafts

  • Artwork or notes given to them by their school friends

  • Pictures made for Mom & Dad

This category of pictures can be displayed temporarily, put in an “Art Book,” preserved using an App, and then ultimately recycled.

A few things to consider before deciding how you want to display your child’s art…

Keep everything in one spot

The important thing is to display your child’s artwork in one designated spot. What often happens is that it ends up on your refrigerator, taped to the wall, on bulletin boards and all around the house, which leads to your house feeling cluttered. Now, if this makes you happy, then by all means, keep it that way! But, I’d suggest that you select a spot in your home where you want to display artwork and then keep everything there by rotating it.

Find a system you can maintain

It’s also important that before you decide on a place or product to display the artwork, you ask yourself, “Can I sustain it?” Be realistic and honest with yourself before purchasing any products.

Here are my tips for displaying your child’s artwork…

There are obviously many options out there for displaying kids artwork, so I’m going to share just my personal favorites. (Affiliate links present.)


Lots of people think having framed kids artwork on their walls is a great idea. But, that gets complicated if the artwork isn’t always the same size, or if the frame is hard to open and put in a new photo. If you really like this idea, consider buying these Easy Change Frames. You can just slide in the new picture without having to get out a screwdriver.



Did you see these on Shark Tank? Good Hangups are a magnetic display system that are perfect for all surfaces: stainless steel, wood, brick, concrete, and windows. So, you could use these to display your child’s artwork on both your refrigerator, wall, or child’s room. The best part is that they are removable and won’t damage the surface of the wall.


This stainless steel Curtain Wire Rod from IKEA or Amazon  makes it super easy to change out artwork because of the clips. It takes some effort initially to hang, but will be easy to maintain. This art gallery wall uses a combination of the picture ledges from IKEA along with the wire below it.

Bulletin Board

This may be the simplest way to display arts and crafts and the easiest to maintain. Hang a bulletin board and use thumb tacks to hang artwork. If you have the wall space, designate one cork board for each child.

(Photo Source: Simply Organized)

Art Book

Another option for displaying your kids’ “OK” artwork is to create an Art Book. 

 Purchase a binder and add Page Protectors. Your child can slide in their artwork or papers that they are proud of. When the book is full, tell your kids they will need to take something out in order to add something in. My kids LOVE looking through all their favorite drawings over the years!

 I’ve included some cute covers that you can print out for free and use.

 Download Polka Dots Cover Here


Download Stripes Cover Here

Good luck and have fun finding the right set up in your home to display your kids’ artwork!

Happy Organizing!




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