Holiday Decor Storage Tips (Free Printable)

We’ve learned a few things over the years about holiday decor storage. Spending a little time editing and organizing your holiday decorations now will pay off next year.

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First of all, don’t keep anything you didn’t use or put out this year. Edit and purge on a yearly basis, with ALL of your holiday storage. I recommend tackling one holiday at a time. For example, this Easter, be sure to edit or donate anything you didn’t use. This includes books, CD’s, table linens, stuffed animals, or anything related to that holiday. Don’t keep anything you aren’t using.

  • Store by Room  Pack up everything in each room and label it (Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Playroom, etc.). It will make decorating each room easier when it’s all together in one bin. This method is good if you have a large house and lots of decorations.
  • Store by Space  Pack bins according to each space. For example, put in one bin everything that you use to decorate your mantles, bathrooms, Christmas Tree, etc. This approach is helpful if you tend to decorate the same spots in the same way each year.
  • Store by Item Put all your garlands in one bin, all your lights in another, etc. This is a good approach if you change up your decorations from year to year and want everything grouped together in one place.
  • Artificial Trees  I’ve found that storing artificial trees in their original boxes is always the most compact solution. If you have already discarded the box or aren’t able to fit it back in, I’d suggest purchasing a rolling tree storage bag.

When storing holiday items that will be used year after year, make sure you get durable totes. My favorite are Hefty brand and they can be found at Target. You can get a version of this bin with an ornament insert, or buy a separate ornament storage case from The Container Store. There are several good options for wrapping paper. An Elfa wrapping cart from the container store is great if you want something stylish to have out all year long for wrapping gifts. If going into more semi-permanent storage for the off-season, you can use a hard-sided, tall gift wrap storage box or a zippered one that keeps dust out. Other must-haves are ornament straw to keep those fragile keepsakes safe, a wreath storage bin to keep it from getting squished, and christmas light reels with a storage bag – never untangle lights again! (In a pinch, wrap them around the flap of a large cardboard box before storing to keep them from getting tangled.)

Holiday Decor Storage Totes with Ornament Dividers

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I’ve created 3 versions of holiday storage labels for you to print out and use to keep your holiday storage organized. I couldn’t decide on which I liked best, so I am giving you all 3! Which is your favorite? Click on any option to get the full size versions for print.

Holiday Storage Label Option 1

Holiday Storage Label Option 3

I prefer the ones with lines so I can write the contents for each bin on the label. That way I know exactly what is inside each box. It makes both the decorating and clean up time so much easier.

Our favorite way to label storage bins is with Adhesive Labels like these:

ONE FINAL TIP  I beg you, please don’t write on your storage bins with Sharpies! When the contents change, you won’t be able to remove that permanent marker. Instead, use adhesive pouches and when the contents change, just flip the index card over and write the new contents on the card. You will be able to maintain organization more easily using these pouches. (Side note: These are especially good for bins containing hand-me-down clothing, since the contents change often.)

Holiday Decor Storage Tote - Ornament Divider

Don’t have enough time to tackle holiday decor storage? Hire us to help! Contact us to schedule a date or join our Monthly Membership Plan and we’ll take care of it for you.

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