My Favorite OXO POP Containers

When it comes to kitchen and pantry organization, the sheer number of products available can be overwhelming. But one thing we almost always use, and that I use at home, is OXO Pop containers. They are very durable, look nice, do a great job keeping your food fresh, and come in a variety of sizes so they’ll fit any space. Some are better than others, though; I’ll give you all the details and share my favorites with you below.


The New Containers

I recently upgraded some of my OXO set, and got the new accessories that come with them. They’re the same great containers and they look like the older ones, but the lids now come apart for easier cleaning! Such a big improvement. They also come with a circular attachment on the inside of the lid, where you can add accessories.

I purchased the 4-piece baking accessory kit to get started (pictured above). It comes with a brown sugar saver that you soak in water before attaching to the lid – it will prevent your sugar from drying out. There’s also a scoop accessory that clicks into the lid – such a smart idea! It doesn’t get buried in flour, so you can always find it. My favorite new accessory is the dusting scoop that can be used with cinnamon or powdered sugar. I do wish it didn’t spin; it can make it a bit difficult to get the lid on quickly. (You have to make sure it’s lined up.) But I know I will use this one all the time. The last accessory is a scraper, for leveling off dry goods as you are measuring them. So important to be accurate when baking, so this will be really helpful, too!


General Tips

Fair warning, I have very strong feelings about these containers. There are a lot of opinions coming your way! 😉

  1. First, I do NOT recommend that you buy the big sets. You’ll get a lot, and they are sometimes cheaper, but you often get containers that you don’t need. The smaller ones, for example, I don’t use very often. Also, the taller ones just aren’t very sturdy; they tend to fall over, so they aren’t my favorite. (The one exception to this rule is the cereal containers. There is a 3-pack you can buy, and you will likely use all three.)
  2. The 1.9 quart is honestly not my favorite. It’s too tall and skinny. You can keep it in a basket so it doesn’t fall over, but that can be annoying, so it may be one to avoid.
  3.  Get rectangular shaped-containers over circular or round ones. The rectangular ones fit better together in your pantry or cabinet, like Tetris!
  4. Be Aware: OXO makes different sizes for different stores. They are often very close, but pay attention if you are buying from different places.

Cereal Oxo Pop Containers

My Favorite OXO Pop Containers

  • Some staples I really like are the 1.1 quart container (short square-shaped) and the 1.2 quart (short rectangle). Pick whichever fits your space best; they both hold about the same amount of stuff. These are great for rice, nuts, popcorn kernels, specialty flours and sugars.
  • The 1.7 is a little bit bigger (also rectangular shape). They recommend this one for coffee, but I’ve used it for a variety of things. It’s important to match up the size with the amount of an item you typically buy.

Pro Tip: Stay consistent with the sizes you choose for the same type of food. For example, put all your specialty flours in the same size container so they can be stored together. The fit will be better.

Baking Shelf featuring Oxo Pop Containers
  • The 2.7 quart container is the sweet spot. It’s more stable, and the one we use the most often in baking cupboards. It seems to be the right size and they stack so neatly next to each other. They’re good for rice, sugars, baking mixes, oats – so many things! If I had to have just one it would be this one!
  • The 2.8 quart is another good option. It’s more square, but holds almost the same amount – so, again, find what fits best in your cabinet or pantry.
  • The 4.4 quart is great, but it is LARGE. It is best for 5 lb. bags of flour and sugar.
  • There are two cookie jar options – 5.0 qt. and 3.0 qt. The smaller one can still hold a whole package of cookies. You can use them for pet food, dishwasher tabs, snacks/treats, etc.
  • 3.4 qt. cereal containers: As I mentioned above, these are ok to buy in the 3-pack. You’ll use them! A full box of cereal fits in them. There is a larger size, but it often is too tall for pantries. Anything you need to pour, these are helpful for.

Are OXO Pop Containers worth the cost?

These are an investment – get them a little at a time. They do last for a really, really long time. They also save you money in the long run because you can see how much you’re have and you’re not overbuying. It also makes cooking so much easier and more fun!

OXO Pop Containers in a Pantry

You can shop this post by clicking on the product photos above. I also have all of my favorites saved in my Amazon Storefront. If you’d like help selecting the right containers for you and organizing your kitchen and/or pantry, my team and I are here for you. Visit our services page to learn more or book a FREE virtual consult with me.

Happy Organizing!


P.s. This is NOT a sponsored post (even though I wish it was…lol). I just really love these containers.



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