Project Feature: Basement Reno

This is a basement organization project you have got to see! We spent most of 2023 working with these membership clients to organize their home. A large part of that was collaborating with their interior designer/builder team to give them a special place to come together as a family. The basement renovation included an amazing storage room, kitchen, theater room, and art room.

Enjoy this photo tour of the space. Along the way, I’ll link a few of our favorite products from the project!

Art Room

We just love how this arts & crafts room turned out! In this space, we focused on creating zones for games, art supplies, school supplies, and project kits. Multipurpose bins fit perfectly on the built-in shelves and the deep drawers house our favorite smart store organizers. We were sure to set aside one drawer per kiddo to store finished art, too!



This stunning kitchen was designed to hold just the essentials for the lower level. Check out the custom cleaning cabinet with a spot just for the Dyson (and a plug!) and the organized snack cabinet for this family to enjoy on all those movie and game nights!


Storage Room

Easily one of our favorite storage rooms ever, this all-white beauty was a joy to create! We used white gladiator shelving to add structure to an otherwise empty room, and coordinated with white Sterelite totes for a clean look. Black labels pop, so it’s easy to see the contents of each bin.


Theater Room

The winner of our most unique space to organize in 2023! We loved tricking out the snack/blanket closet in this theater room. This family is going to be cozy and well-fed on movie nights. They’ll never need to leave the house!


Have a renovation planned? It’s always a good idea to get a professional organizer in on the process as early as you can. We can work with your designer and contracting team to give you a well-thought-out space with room for everything you need! We take into account your lifestyle and how you plan to use the space, to customize systems that can meet your needs and grow with you. Reach out today to start the conversation!

Happy Organizing!


P.s. Special thanks to Lee Kriel for capturing professional photos of this space! The basement was designed by Olexia Interiors and the contractor on the job was Pyramid Builders.



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