5 Tips for Organizing Gift Wrapping Supplies

Do you love or hate to wrap presents? Do you get it done way in advance or wait until the last minute (like me!)? My first job when I was 16 years old was wrapping presents at an invitation store. It was a dream job! I also had a lot less on my plate then, so I could take my time and make each present a wrapped masterpiece! Nowadays, I usually wait until Christmas Eve and do them all at once, as fast as I can.  I’m always so envious of people who get them all done in advance and can sit back with a nice glass of wine that night. 

One thing I’ve managed to do right is to have an organized gift wrap station. I’ve found that a messy gift wrap station can often amplify holiday stress, and make the whole process much less enjoyable. I mean, who enjoys tangled ribbon, searching the house for rolls of tape, and scraps of wrapping paper everywhere?! I’ve come up with a list of products we love and a few simple hacks to help keep your holiday gift wrap organized.



Organizing Tips

  1. Create a Gift Wrap Station- Whether it’s a rolling cart, over-the-door organizer, or a simple tub, keeping all of your gift wrap contained is a surefire way to feel more put together and better wrap throughout the holiday season. See the products we love below to grab yours before the holidays!
  2. Contain Wrapping Paper- Purchase a container to hold all your wrapping paper so it stays contained and dust free throughout the year.  It would be too easy to have all wrapping paper rolls be the same size, right? Be sure to measure the length of your longest roll before you buy your container to make sure you aren’t left with a lonely roll that doesn’t fit.
  3. Tape Your Ribbon Rolls- Christmas curling ribbon can quickly become a jumbled disaster when it’s not put away properly. Tape the cut end to the rest of the roll to keep it all together. 
  4. Take Stock- Keep track of how many rolls of gift wrap you have at one time. Though there are so many cute gift wrap prints to choose from, keep your stock to however many fit in your container at one time. If there is that one roll you’ve been saving for years, but never used, donate it! You can also buy double-sided wrapping paper, which cuts down on how many rolls you need. I also like to buy neutral wrapping paper, like Kraft paper, that I can use for any occasion. In our family, each person gets their own wrapping paper pattern, so they immediately know who a gift is for under the tree.
  5. Secure Wrapping Paper Rolls- Use an elastic to keep your rolls tightly wound. Something as easy as a ponytail holder can be such a lifesaver when it comes to securing a wrapping paper roll. Or check out the fun snap bracelet we’ve linked below!


Favorite Products

When storing wrapping supplies that will be used year after year, make sure you buy durable products. These are a few of our favorites:


Here are a few bonus products we’ve discovered this year that will make wrapping supper efficient (and fun!): 




More Resources

Is this your year for getting all of your holiday supplies and decorations organized? Revisit our blog from last year outlining our favorite products for keeping that decor safe and tidy in the off-season. The blog includes a free printable you can use for labeling your storage totes.

We also offer a holiday take-down service to help you undecorate in the New Year. We’ll walk you through the editing process and find systems to store your items until next year. No more hunting for that wreath in the attic! You’ll know right where it is. To schedule, set up a free consult with me.

Happy Organizing!




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