5-Day Digital Detox Challenge

Organize and Declutter your Digital Devices for a Fresh Start in 2024

As we celebrate the start of a new year, it’s the perfect time to hit the reset button and declutter not just our physical spaces, but our digital ones, too. If last year you found yourself drowning in a sea of apps, files, and notifications, this is the guide for you! I’m here to walk you through a simple, but important 5-day Digital Detox Challenge. Get ready to kickstart 2024 with a clean and organized <digital> slate.

Day 1 – Device Audit

Start the year by taking stock of your digital landscape. A tidy digital space begins with knowing what you have. Take a thorough inventory of your devices – your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and/or desktop. Set up a charging station for them all.

Then, on each device, identify apps and files that no longer serve a purpose. Uninstall apps that you didn’t use last year, and archive or delete files that are outdated.

Organize your desktop and home screens: arrange icons logically (use folders!) and set a serene wallpaper. Streamline your browser bookmarks and clear unnecessary tabs. When you create a clean digital workspace, you reduce visual clutter and distractions, promote productivity and (most importantly!) reduce stress.

Day 2 – Inbox Overhaul

Your email inbox is likely a breeding ground for digital clutter. Take a deep breath, and spend today organizing and decluttering your email. It may be a daunting task, but make your goal to get that unread number to ZERO. You can do it!! I’m still working on it myself.

Create folders for different categories and start sorting your emails accordingly. Archive or delete old email and anything you won’t need to reference in the future. Be sure to include a to-do folder at the top (or you can leave these items unfiled and starred), so you can add action items to it each week. An organized inbox can go a long way in keeping you on top of important tasks!

To keep the clutter from piling up again, unsubscribe from newsletters and email lists you no longer find useful. You can also create google filters for specific stores. I have a filter set up so that all J Crew Factory emails go into their own folder. That way, if I’m shopping and want to look for a promo code, I can go to that folder. But, it prevents them from cluttering up my email all year long.

Last resort- When my inbox gets REALLY out of control, I review the last 25 or so to see current emails requiring action and then place the remaining emails all in a folder labeled “Archive 2024.” That way they are still available if I need to search for them, but it gives me a clean slate in my inbox. I’m embarrassed to admit how many emails pile up, and this approach is always the reset I need to start again.

Day 3 – Digital Photos and Videos

Today is all about decluttering your visual memories.

Start by sorting through the photos and videos on your phone, deleting duplicates and blurry shots. Upload the images to your computer and organize them into folders by event or date, so you can always find a specific memory. Be sure to back them up to both an external hard drive AND the cloud. These are memories you never want to lose!

Once you have all three backups ready to go, you can delete the files from your phone to free up space on the device. Make this task easier next year by scheduling a time each quarter to back up and organize your photos. Put it on your calendar!

Day 4 – Password Purge

In the digital age, passwords are the key to our online lives. It is so frustrating when you have to waste time looking for a password in order to complete a simple task.

Take today to make sure you know and have recorded the passwords to your most frequently used apps and websites. Update and strengthen your passwords. You can use a secure password manager to store and generate complex, unique passwords for each account. Delete any saved passwords for sites you no longer use.

Day 5 – Digital Mindfulness

On the final day of our Digital Detox Challenge, let’s shift our attention from organization to mindfulness. It’s easy for the constant ping of notifications to take over your day, reducing focus and leading to forgetfulness in incomplete tasks. Spend today reflecting on your digital habits and setting boundaries. Here are four tips:

  1. Check your screen time usage on your devices. Identify any trends or habits (doom scrolling, anyone?) that may be negatively impacting your well-being.
  2. Set boundaries for device usage, especially during personal and family time. Consider implementing “tech-free zones” in your home to promote face-to-face interactions.
  3. Schedule time to take a break from screens each day. Use this time to read a physical book, go for a walk, or engage in a non-digital hobby. Disconnecting momentarily can be refreshing.
  4. Review your app notifications and permissions. Turn off non-essential notifications and consider deleting apps that contribute to mindless scrolling. Set up a do-no-disturb schedule for nighttime.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the 5-day Digital Detox Challenge. As you revel in your newly organized digital realm, take a moment to appreciate the mental clarity and enhanced productivity that are coming your way this year. Here’s to a 2024 full of efficiency and stress-free digital navigation!

If, during this process, you found yourself buried in physical photos and files that need organizing, too, reach out to us. We LOVE creating family file systems, school memory boxes, and plans to keep paper piles at bay!

Happy Organizing!



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