Annapolis Experiences to Gift This Holiday Season

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We’ve all heard about the current supply chain issues wrecking havoc on holiday gift giving this year, which is why the mantra, “less is more,” seems to ring especially true this holiday season. My family is focusing now more than ever on the importance of gifting each other meaningful experiences. We call it intentional gift giving. Not only does an experience keep clutter down inside your home, but it creates lasting memories. And because we live in such a beautiful area with so many amazing businesses, we can support locals at the same time. After these past few years, they need all the support we can give them!



What could be better than supporting our local businesses while giving someone an experience they’ll love?! Plus, you are guaranteed to get them before the holidays! Click on each guide below to dive in.





Meaningful experiences are the gifts that keep on giving; they reduce clutter in your home (by keeping it from coming into it in the first place), create lifelong memories, and help you feel connected to one another. These are all especially important in this post-pandemic world. We’re making up for lost time, and supporting our community at the same time. 

Know another great Annapolis-area experience that would make a great gift? Share it with me on my social channels. I’d love to connect with you on Facebook and Instagram. You can also stay up-to-date on unique Annapolis events that you can gift by subscribing to the free local newsletter, Naptown Scoop.  

Happy organizing (and happy gifting)! 


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