Our Services

Systems by Susie is a full-service organizing company located in Annapolis, Maryland. Our team makes organization easy by taking care of everything for you. We sort, edit, organize, set up systems, plan, measure, purchase, return, label, and connect you with resources to sell and donate your items for all the spaces in your home or office. We’ll set you up with intuitive systems to help you maintain organization over time.

Types of Services

Home Organization
  • Closets
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Pantries
  • Home Offices
  • Playrooms
  • Nurseries
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Bedrooms

One Space – Starting at $850*

  • Tackle your most troubled areas for instant relief
  • Sort, clear, contain, & label
  • Individualized system designed to maintain organization

Multi-Space – Starting at $2000*

  • Treat more problem areas and regain control
  • Team of organizers over several days
  • Coordinated systems based on natural habits

Full Home – Starting at $15000*

  • Transform your entire home and find serenity
  • Team of organizers over multiple days
  • Systems for the entire home to ensure smooth daily routines

Refresh & Reset – Starting at $425*                                                              

  • Maintenance session to reorganize, refresh, and label as needed
  • For repeat clients who need a space reset
  • Discount for quarterly maintenance package

*Quote determined after consultation. Product costs not reflected here.

*Our rates are $85/hour, per organizer. Other fees apply.

Moves/Renovations/Senior Downsizing

Pre-Move Organization – Starting at $1500* 

  • Pre-move prep and decluttering
  • Help with downsizing when selling your home or transitioning to assisted living
  • Coordinate with movers on packing strategy for a smooth move

Moving Day Coordination – Starting at $425*

  •  Coordinate with movers on moving day to ensure boxes get to correct location
  • Team members onsite at old and new location
  • Custom signs for each room at new location to direct movers

Unpacking Services – Starting at $2,000*

  •  Take advantage of a fresh start. Get organized from the get-go!
  • Unpack and organize essential areas or complete home
  • Shop, install, and label organization products to fit your new space
  • Create systems in your new home to maintain organization
  • Breakdown moving boxes and coordinate their removal


*Quote determined after consultation. Product costs not reflected here.

*Our rates are $85/hour, per organizer. Other fees apply.


Business Organization

Please contact me for a free consultation to discuss custom package options.

  • Organize workspaces
  • Develop back-end systems to increase productivity and revenue
  • Organize stock and supply rooms
  • Style and organize front office areas to create a polished first impression

Business Coaching $150/hour

  • Assist up-and-coming organization firms with business building strategies (must not be local to DMV area)
  • Coaching sessions are very flexible based on your needs. Common topics to cover are team management and structure, scaling your business, and internal policy creation. 

Design Consultation $150/hour

  • Consulting and space planning for new construction or remodels
  • Collaboration with interior designers, builders, and closet companies

Our Philosophy

It's All About the Systems

We don’t just clean up and organize an area. We create individualized systems that are intuitive, sustainable, and that work with (and not against) your natural habits.

We Don't Judge

We are a judgment-free zone. We don’t judge because we. get. it. Our homes aren’t perfect. We have real families who make real messes, too. Our goal isn’t perfection, but rather setting up systems you can maintain and giving everything a specific place.

We Love Our Jobs

We are super friendly. Organizing can be fun with the right people! We love chatting as we work and are often sharing our favorite resources, podcasts, and tips on business and parenting. Transforming spaces for our clients is what we LOVE to do.

We Want It To Last

We can train and teach your employees or the “helpers” in your home how to maintain the systems we create. We also have monthly and quarterly maintenance plans to refresh and reset your spaces.

Ready to get organized or have questions?

Schedule a Free 20 min Virtual Consultation

Our Process

1. Contact

Reach out to us so we can discuss your needs, timing, and see if we are a good fit. Fill out the form on our Contact Page to schedule a virtual consultation.

2. Virtual Consultation

We’ll do a 20-minute virtual project consultation. You will brief us on your project, show us your space, and we will ask lots of questions about what is working and what isn’t. After the consultation, we’ll follow up with an estimate and if you decide to move ahead, we can schedule your first organization session.

3. Sort

We show up for your organization session ready to go! We always start by taking everything out of the space and grouping like things together. Sounds simple, but categorizing your items is a game changer.

4. Purge

Time to make decisions. We never make you get rid of anything, but we will ask you questions to help you determine what to keep and what to clear out and donate to a local charity.

5. Organize

This is where we work our magic. We create systems based on your needs and natural habits. Our systems are intuitive and sustainable.

6. Contain

This is the fun part! We will use what you have to contain the categories or will measure, plan, shop, and install any organization products needed for your space. We aim to create spaces that are both functional and stylish.

7. Label

Labeling is essential for maintaining organization, not only for you, but your family and the helpers in your home. We also make beautiful custom vinyl and picture labels for kids.

8. Donations or Consignment

We will either haul away your donations for a small fee (mailing you the Charitable Donation receipt) or coordinate the free pickup of donation or consignment items from various resources.

9. Maintain

Organization always requires some maintenance. Our team can return on a monthly or quarterly basis to refresh and reset the spaces in your home and tweak systems when necessary. Check out our Membership Page.

Ready to get organized or have questions?

Schedule a free 20 min Virtual Consultation


How much time will it take?

We work in 5 hour sessions. The total amount of time for each project will depend and vary based on your space and pace at which you work. We will provide you with an estimate after your free consultation.

What if my project requires additional hours or organizers?

Each additional organizer is $85/hour. Depending on the size of your project, we will let you know if we recommend additional organizers. You will make progress faster with more organizers.

Team Support Fee
What is your service area?

We work within an hour’s drive of zip code 21409 (travel fees may apply). We do not work in Washington, D.C., but can refer you to some wonderful organizers in the area. 

We are happy to travel outside of our service area. Client responsible for lodging and per diem for each team member on the project.

Travel Fee

Free within 30 miles of 21409. For Distances of 30-60 miles from the zip code 21409, $85 for the first organizer. For each additional organizer, travel time (at $85/hr) plus mileage cost (62.5 cents/mile).


We accept cash, check, and credit card. A 3% fee will be added to the invoice for payments made via credit card.

Want to see the team in action? Watch the video below.

kind words

“From the moment Susie walked into my house she started to organize my chaos.  She was able to figure out my “hot spots” that get messy and immediately came up with great solutions. Right away, Susie rolled up her sleeves and got right into my chaotic mess which has resulted from our busy home life with children and running a business out of my home.  She asked all the right questions and worked with what I had to make order out of several disaster zones. Susie worked non-stop while she was here and when she left she sent me several other helpful tips to stay organized. I am now inspired to be more productive at work since I actually enjoy siting at my organized desk.  And, I am finally happy to open up my closets and cabinets and find them so neat and organized. The day after Susie left, I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages. The whole house feels so much more peaceful now. Thank you, Susie!”


kind words

“I never thought we were disorganized, but after Susie came in and organized us, I realize what a huge difference real organization can make.  The house is cleaner now that everything has its place.”


kind words

“Susie helped me to organize my kitchen “command center” and streamline my process for going through paperwork.  Now, everything has a place, and it’s much easier to maintain order in our kitchen. She possesses a wealth of knowledge about many useful things… from cool new apps for your phone, to successful chore charts for your kids.  I really enjoyed working with her!”


kind words

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the systems Susie put in place.  Everything has a home now and it makes for a far cleaner and functional household.  It’s a dream.”


kind words

“I have re-dubbed you Parenting and Life Guru….your systems will and are making my life so much easier – but the accompanying advice and techniques are invaluable too. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t tell you how much it helps to have someone who knows so much come in and just basically teach me how to fix everything!”


kind words

“Do yourself a favor and hire Systems by Susie. I have seen how this works for her personally and love how she has managed to create something that doesn’t seem overwhelming, but do-able. The minute something becomes intimidating to me I shut down (one reason I can’t stand Martha Stewart, she’s too much) but Susie gives people like me confidence! And it is SO true that living in an organized space creates peace and happiness.”


kind words

Susie developed and executed an operable and personal organizational system in my workplace.  Once she came in, the job was complete.