5 Days to Organized School Papers Challenge

Join me for a Free Live 5-Day Challenge starting on Monday, April 30, 2018! 

See if you can relate: Your child comes home from school with yet another picture of a castle/triceratops/thumbprint creation. But there’s a problem. There isn’t one inch left on your refrigerator. Her artwork from last year is still piled up in the corner. If you file the drawing (stealthily yet respectfully) in the recycling bin, she’ll find it in one hot second.You’ve got kid clutter of the sweetest kind.

It’s the same in every home I visit as a Professional Organizer.

I read that 1200 pieces of papers come home each year from school. 1200!!!!! No wonder we are overwhelmed as moms. That’s 1200 decisions that need to be made each year (and multiply that by the number of kids you have!).

There are 3 things that usually happen when your child empties his or her backpack:

1. You throw almost everything out. Problem solved.

2. You do a daily sort and throw out some, but still keep many, many papers. You aren’t quite sure where to put them next, so they go in a pile or bin and become clutter.

3. You can’t bear to throw out any papers, so you keep everything, thinking that one day you will go through it all to decide. Unfortunately, that “one day” never seems to come. So, the paper becomes clutter.

Clutter reproduces itself and becomes more clutter.   Clutter then leads to overwhelm. You don’t even know where to start and have no time to deal with it. Overwhelm then leads to paralysis. You do nothing. You throw up your hands and hope the “paper fairy” will magically make it all disappear (or at least sort and organize it!).

This is my advice…

Take the next step.

I’m a big believer that when we feel overwhelmed by something, the best approach is to do the very next step in the process.

The very next step in this case is to SIGN UP for my 5-Day Challenge by clicking HERE.

It will take just 1 minute and you’ll be so glad you did.

By the end of the challenge you’ll have:

  • An exact place to put ALL your child’s school papers and keepsakes

  • A system set up from birth through high school (so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each year!)

  • All of your child’s special artwork, school photos, and papers in ONE place

  • Only the very BEST artwork and papers left to keep and store

  • A storage system that keeps your child’s treasures safe and organized

  • Relief and no more mom guilt!

When you sign up for the challenge, this is what you can expect:

  • Daily emails with 1 action item to focus on that day (Everything is broken down into small manageable chunks)

  • Daily videos where I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of sorting, organizing, and preserving all the papers

  • Free daily printable downloads

  • A private mom’s only Facebook Group where you can share your struggles AND wins!

  • “Ask Me Anything” Daily Facebook Lives

  • A “Sip-n-Sort” private online group session on Day 2 where we will sort through our kids papers TOGETHER while enjoying a glass of wine (or beverage of your choice!)

  • The opportunity to win some fun giveaways


I know what you thinking (because I feel this way too!)…you are very busy and just don’t have the time to deal with it right now. I get it.

Be honest with yourself: you will NEVER have the time. Life just doesn’t slow down during this busy season of parenthood.

Your kids are going to be home for the summer before you know it and every mama knows how hard it is to get rid of things with them around!!

This is the time to at least get started.

Decide that you aren’t going to put it off any longer.

Join me for this 5-day challenge and we’ll tackle it TOGETHER. I’m going to walk you through this step-by-step process and will be there to answer your questions every single day.

Plus, we have a Private Challenge Pop Up Facebook Group where you can get support and ask questions. I’ll post all the replays to the Facebook Lives in that group and be available when you get stuck. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a link to join us.

Think of the relief you will feel to have contained all the chaos of your child’s school papers.

Think of the joy you will feel to have collected all of your child’s treasures in one beautifully organized box.

Think of the calm you will experience knowing you have a system in place to deal with all the new papers coming home each day.

Don’t click away from this page thinking you will sign up later. If something takes 2 minutes or less, you should do it right then.

>>>> SIGN UP HERE <<<<


Still have questions?

Q: What should I do if I don’t have time to do the challenge next week, but am still interested in the information?

A: I get it…life is busy! Even if you don’t have time to complete each task, you will have gained knowledge, lots of free printables, and a plan to get it done when you are ready. Definitely sign up so you’ll have access to the emails, videos, and printables. You can sign up HERE.

Q: I have so many bins of school papers that I don’t think I can finish organizing them in one week! Should I still join the challenge?

A: Yes!!! Just getting started is always the hardest part when you feel overwhelmed by a task. A challenge like this, broken down into small steps, will help you know how to tackle your pile of papers and give you a plan of action. Having some built-in accountability will help as well. This challenge was designed just for YOU!

Q: I’ve already sorted through my child’s artwork and papers. Would this challenge still be helpful?

A: Yes! The first two days will be spent gathering and sorting, so you could pick up on Day 3 of the challenge when we start talking about how to organize and store the keepsakes. There will be free printables, videos, and apps that can help you with that process.

Q: I’ve got babies or very young children who aren’t even in school yet. Would this challenge still help?

A: Yes! I want to help you get ahead of the curve and set up a system so that you’ll be ready for the onslaught of papers about to come your way.  The challenge will teach you a system that will give you a place to keep all the special baby keepsakes you have saved: sonograms, baby announcements, locks of hair, and special cards from friends and grandparents.

I do hope you will join me! And please help me spread the word by telling your mom friends. Forward this blog post to someone you know who struggles with this too. These kinds of things are always better with friends. 

Happy Organizing!




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