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See if you can relate:  Your child comes home from school with yet another picture of a castle/triceratops/thumbprint creation. But there’s a problem. There isn’t one inch left on your refrigerator. Her artwork from last year is still piled up in the corner. If you file the drawing (stealthily yet respectfully) in the recycling bin, she’ll find it in one hot second.

 You’ve got kid clutter of the sweetest kind.

 I was in the same boat.  When my oldest son started pre-school, I didn’t have a plan for all of his cute art projects so I just kept them on my refrigerator and kitchen counters. But the huge pile was starting to look like the leaning tower of Pisa, so naturally the next step was to stuff them all in storage bins to deal with later.   Very quickly this became a MAJOR project I didn’t have the time or desire to take on.

 Eventually, after endless searches on Pinterest for inspiration, I decided on what I believe is the best and easiest solution. I call it the School Memory Box. I was able to organize and preserve all of his school year mementos in one contained place, and most importantly in my book, maintain it for 7 years now.  No fuss. No clutter. No scrapbooking. Phew!

It got me thinking that there might be other busy parents out there who have the best of intentions to catalog their children’s school years, but don’t necessarily have the time or inclination to do so.  I wanted to give these parents the option of purchasing this same system to simplify their lives, and customize it for them, so they can get started organizing right away.

 Let me tell you about the special features of The School Memory Box™.



  • You receive a personalized name label in a variety of cute designs and patterns, in the color of your choice.

  • There are 18 hanging file folders, so you have enough folders to cover the “Early Years” all the way to “12th Grade.”

  • Pre-printed labels are included that you can put on the file tabs. It even includes a few extras like, “Sports,” and “Medical.”

  • Each grade has a designated file folder with a colorful label on front where you can write in your child’s school, teacher’s name, and year.

  • You can store keepsakes like artwork, class projects, report cards, school and sports photos, and more, for each school year.

  • Included in each folder are fun fill-in “School Memories” sheets designed to capture lasting memories of each school year.  Having these interviews all printed out ahead of time will help you capture lasting memories of each school year. As I’ve often heard said about parenting, “If you don’t write it down, it didn’t happen.”

  • In each folder there are clear protective sleeves to place school and sports photos to keep them safe.

  • Everything comes fully assembled so you are ready to go!

  • Note: The BOX IS NOT INCLUDED! The cost of shipping was so expensive that I had to stop including the plastic file box.  But, have no fear,  you can buy the exact ones using this link:  (affiliate link)


 Also, with each box comes 2 helpful printables:

  • School Memory Box Instruction Guide This explains the process to follow from the moment  your child unloads his or her backpack all the way to the School Memory Box.

  • A“Keep or Recycle” sheet that will help you decide what kinds of things are “Keepers” and what can be tossed or recycled.

I’ve thought of everything so that you don’t have to.  I’ve designed, purchased, customized, and assembled everything so that you can finally get started turning your pile of treasures into organized memories. This system is a game changer.

If you enjoy DIY projects, I’ve recently added a digital download option. I include detailed product suggestions and an instruction and printing guide.

If you are interested in purchasing a School Memory Box™ for your child, read  more about it here, order right from my Shop, or email me at

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